Coping & Advice

Not “outgrowing” bedwetting can be very challenging for a child to deal with. Try to be patient, understanding and attentive and work on solutions as a team. Here’s some helpful advice on dealing with your child about this sensitive subject:

  • Be sensitive to your child’s feelings. Whether they are sad, stressed, anxious or acting out – try to be patient and listen. Help your child feel calm and secure and remind them that it can be conquered! If needed, seek a counsellor to help your child openly express his or her feelings.
  • Give your child responsibility. Enlist your child’s help when cleaning up. Taking responsibility for bedwetting can help give your child a sense of control.
  • Reward even the smallest things. Praise your child or give them small rewards for positive actions. Reward small successes, like drinking less water or following their night-time checklist.
  • Reinforce good habits. Remind your child of things he or she can do for themselves to help conquer the problem. This includes diet changes and instilling a sleep routine.
  • Don’t avoid sleepovers or camp. Your child shouldn’t have to miss out on fun activities because of their bedwetting. Talk to your doctor about your options.

Is it time to talk to your doctor?  Bedwetting is a common problem, and one that can be managed. Make an appointment with your family doctor or find a specialist in your area to understand your options.

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