Recognizing the problem: Questions to ask

If your child has been wetting their bed regularly and is over 5 years of age, answering these questions can help you understand if it may be time for treatment.

  • How many nights a week does your child wet their bed?
  • How many times during the night does it happen?
  • How long has it been going on?
  • Was your child previously dry?
  • How does your child feel? Is he or she feeling embarrassed or concerned?
  • What approaches have you tried? Have they worked?
  • Does your child have daytime accidents? How often?
  • Does your child have pain or other symptoms while urinating?

Download this checklist

If your child is over 5 years of age and wetting their bed regularly or is emotionally upset by it,
it may be time to discuss treatment options with your doctor. Bring your answers to this checklist to help guide your discussion.

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